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Product Sourcing / Product Development

Product Sourcing is the basis of each and every order and proceedings. If our sourcing is from an appropriate source, the end product would also be as per our aspirations. We have strong roots penetrated all over for effective sourcing, covering all the product categories for all segments of international market. The product development becomes active once the buyer has approved on our sourced products which are sent trough photo presentations. Products is developed according to buyer's requirements and dispatched within the date stipulated by the buyer. All the samples are checked before sending so that the

modifications, if any, are taken care of. We put tag with feeding all important data required by the buyer and keeps a counter sample in their record for all follow-up. The dispatch details are advised thereafter.. Click here for more detail


Product Customization

Fabricating the products of different cultural & traditional values at one place is not as simple as it looks like. In reality it requires skilled background which has an understanding of blending cultures in order to extract the maximum from their never ending thoughts. We Universal Buying have all amenities to work on your designed products & maintain their clandestineness till it reaches the end customer. Taking care of all fabricating methods tailored to your requirement is the key of our motto Service for Satisfaction.

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Optimum Prices

Development in the eyes of people is just converting the natural & human resources into products according to utility & availability in the best of its form. Therefore the optimum price structure is the main global concern nowadays and it should be as optimum as the markets are conglomerating with each other. We Universal Buying considering

this fact have therefore formulated a transparent pricing mechanism to facilitate our business partners.

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Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of time and delivery in time. We are aware of delivery schedules globally.

We focus on and manage logistics very closely.

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Quality Assurance

We have adopted the universally acclaimed system of Quality Evaluation defined as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level) and are equipped with the team of qualified quality assurance staff.
Our Programs are customized based on specific client requirements, production locations, shipment sizes and delivery time frames.

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Automated Chain Monitoring System For Order Tracking

Nurturing of products from placing order to reaching final destination is required to be differentiated at every stage and providing the details of every step to our business partner is necessary for his satisfaction, so we at Universal Buying have developed an automated chain monitoring which keep track on for exact tracking of the order at every stage. This type of integrated system, where the whole process at every stage is so closely

knitted that any information for amelioration & change at any stage can be incorporated thus it nullifies the chances of any flaw or hiccups in the system.

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Clearing & Forwarding

Clearing & forwarding of packed goods is the first step towards fulfilling all custom, national & international laws which helps in moving the products across boundaries and frontiers. This segment is taken care in a very crystal clear form by Universal Buying to avoid any delay or rough handling of valuable products.



Delivery of products to the final destination by ship or air should follow the CPM (critical path method) which reduces the cost of transportation overcoming the invincible global geographical locations & political hindrances. The selection of exact shipping line for reducing the time of delivery, providing safety & security is the pivot for Universal Buying

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Special services Logistics

The Logistic Department follows up the shipment once he gets the approval from the QC Department. He is in regular touch with the clearing and forwarding agent and gets a daily report to follow-up the documents required for shipping and to monitor closely the movement of cargo. This ensures that it is put aboard the targeted vessel and meets the deadline of the buyer. A special 24x7 online status reports are provided for  proper follow-up. We also take proper care of the consolidation

of merchandise, as buyer normally prefer to have the merchandise consolidated from various suppliers.

The Logistic Department makes sure that all the documents required for import are sent to the buyer in order to avoid delay in clearance of goods at destination. Universal Buying service finally sends a shipping advice with all relevant details of shipment.


The agency manage to consolidate the LCL shipments of the buyer from which suppliers around India on all ports and stuffs the goods in one container in order to save the extra expenses of the buyer to be incurred on LCL for separate LCL shipment as well as the time taken by separate LCL containers.


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